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Top 10 Indian Wedding Decor Trends

Diagram the décor much in advance keeping in mind the weather, theme, colours and current trends to ensure that it is perfect. While richness does not always mean opulence, the key to a perfect décor can lie in innovation. Explore all options before making the final choice.

The wedding décor must explore the colourful, vast, vibrant and rich culture of boundaries of Indian weddings. It is the one aspect that can make or break the look and feel of that special evening. It is ideal to know what's exactly trending before deciding. But before setting out on this journey, just clear your mind of all fixed ideas. This doesn't mean that you can't set preferences and expectations, but the way forward is to not be rigid.

1. Flower Power

Flowers continue to be the popular choice this season. They genuinely spread cheery vibes all around. While roses are classics, tulips are refreshing, and lilacs breathe elegance. Flowers must be used in tandem with other aspects like the stage décor, theme of the wedding. Different types of flowers including artificial ones can be combined beautifully using ribbons and then be strategically placed. Ask the florist for a mock setup!

2. Lighten Up

Candles and lanterns add the much-needed softness to an otherwise grand affair. It not only lights up the place, but also looks beautiful. Special arrangements are created to fill up empty places.

3. Fab Fabrics

Multi-coloured and different fabrics draped together create a dramatic effect. Just be sure of not using cheap quality fabric that might rip apart damaging the look.

4. Match-much!

The decor of core areas like entrance, stage, seating, photo-opt, lounge areas and the linens is colour-coordinated. This is upped a notch when the bridegroom's outfit matches the colours of the locale.

5. Tent It

Shabby shamianas are history! Tented weddings do not mean cutting down the cost or capacity anymore but widening the chances of customization. Depending on the weather, choose to have a transparent or covered roof, and then the choice of fabrics, crystals and flowers.

6. Stylish Seating

Make sure there is ample seating for your guests, and it is stylish! Be sure to dress up the banquet chairs with nice linen, which is not torn or damaged. Pretty it up with coloured sash, ribbons, flowers or crystals. It can be made more interesting by adding tassels and brooches is a good idea!

7. Colour It

Pastel and soft colours are really in! Using different shades of one colour look very nice. From invitation cards, floral balls to fabrics being used, ensuring that the colour is the same for all can perfect the Indian wedding decor like nothing else.

8. The Central Point

With proper seating plans, centrepieces catch all the attention. Regular floral or crystal ones are the usual choices; but edible options like a fancy chocolate candles or fresh fruits look great too! Innovation genuinely begins where convention ends!

9. Food Layout

Laying out the food, and displaying it well is an art. Make sure that the display of food, ingredients and chef's techniques is superbly creative so it engages the guest more.

10. Sweet Nothings

Vanity vans for guests to refresh or touch-up before entering the venue is really helpful. A grand welcome with sweets, fresh petal shower and other such gestures add the finishing touch to the otherwise perfect setup.

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